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$50 000 of investments from Volat Capital and certificates for services worth up to $11 000 — the results of Startup Training Camp 2

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

On January 28, Demo Day, the final of the acceleration program Startup Training Camp 2, where 7 finalist startups presented their pitches, was held.

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Head organizer and creator of Startup Training Camp is the team of the Rocket DAO project — a VC investment marketplace and a startup evaluation platform with an independent expert community. Belarusian business angels network Angels Band and an investment company Volat Capital represented by investor Sergei Mukhanau are the partners of the event.

Acceleration program included several events:

  • Selection of startups based on their pitches where our commission chose the best projects;
  • Presentation of the startup projects to experts industry among which are the largest entrepreneurs from the startups’ industries;
  • Demo Day — presentation of the startup projects to the investment community based on the expert recommendations about startups’ product, business model, market and team which was received earlier.
startup training camp

So, which projects presented their products during Demo Day and who got the main prize — investments? is an ecosystem for selling educational content and products for the improvement of intimate health, which consists of two parts: an online marketplace and a virtual consultant who helps you understand what you can change to make your intimate life better. The project is on the Pre-Seed round, but the team has already launched an MVP, now they are working on achieving product/market fit by regular hypotheses testing.


The audience’s favorite one, the GamePad project, is a game store in Telegram with a wide selection of games of various genres, which the user gets access to directly, without having to download anything or register. The project is currently at the Pre-Seed round, but by this time it managed to launch the store in Telegram, produced and released its own game Ligmar, developed an API, released in-game payments and earned $10,000 over the past 4 months.


Get Outfit

It’s a fashion technology platform that delivers personalized clothing, shoes, and accessories. The process itself is pretty simple: you fill out a questionnaire, the stylist creates several looks, you order your favorite things and the whole looks. Being at the Seed round, the project is growing by 30% from month to month, in December 2019, the revenue was approximately $10,000.

The project is an RPA ecosystem for managing pre-trained virtual employee-bots. Their first product is a bot marketer-lead generator, which can calculate the demand in the segment independently, find companies and decision-makers, interact with CRM. The startup is currently at the Pre-Seed round, has several pilots in IT companies, pre-orders worth $1 million, and now is planning to develop two new bots for recruiting and SMM.



It’s a mobile interactive AI assistant for children with impaired pronunciation that can replace a speech therapist at the stage of preparatory articulation exercises. An innovative component of the application is computer vision technology that allows to control the quality of the exercises being made. Being at the Seed round, the team is now actively testing its MVP in 4 educational institutions in Minsk.


This is an AI-based web service that helps studios and filmmakers save time at the stage of scenario analysis: the service automatically creates a technical specification for specialized creative departments (prop masters, make-up artists, costumers, etc.) in a matter of minutes. The project has launched a public Beta version of the service being at the Pre-Seed stage now. Currently, the team is actively negotiating on the launch of a pilot project with Timur Bekmambetov.


Rent Your Space

The product of the project is a mobile app for searching, renting and paying for advertising space on cars (Android and iOS) of the same name. The purpose of the platform is to provide advertisers with an opportunity to get affordable and high-quality advertising, and car owners — with the opportunity to have a passive income. The team has already launched a test campaign on 12 cars in Minsk.


Volat Capital

Sooo, the main prize of the event, an offer for investments from Volat Capital got two projects eventually:

  • $30 000 — for;

  • and $20 000 — for GamePad.

Both projects continued negotiations on the investment matter with Volat Capital straight after the Demo Day.

Rocket DAO

The winners of the audience voting received a Startup Pack — a package of services from the Rocket DAO partners for legal services (SBH Law Office), development (PixelPlex), UI / UX design (69pixels), video production (SLON Media) and cloud storage (AWS):

  • 1st place went to the GamePad project, the team received a package of services worth $11,000;

  • 2nd place went to the’s, they received a certificate for services which are equivalent to $7,000;

  • 3rd place got the Filmustage project, the team also received a certificate for $7,000.

Among the guests of the event

Among the guests of the event, one could notice young startups, active business angels and individual investors, representatives of VC funds: Volat Capital, Flint Capital, and Bulba Ventures. The guest of honor was a well-known Belarusian screenwriter, playwright, director and publicist Andrey Kureychik, who was a mentor for the Filmustage project during the expert session.

The team of organizers thanks all the guests and participants for joining the event. The next butch of the acceleration program will be announced this spring. Stay tuned!


All the activities of the Rocket DAO project can be observed here:


29 Jan 2020


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