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First clients, first transactions and a new application: PERK-CARD startup achievements in the last month

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

PERK-CARD is an application for companies that use benefits and want to increase their effectiveness by personalizing bonuses, as well as automating the use of a social package. We recently talked about the project in this article. Today the team already has first sales and an actively growing network of partners.

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Let’s have a look at good news from the team:

New app and web version of our product. We have completely redesigned and launched a new application with new functionality, new offices for employees, employers and vendors.

First clients. PERK-CARD signed two clients and connected their 390 employees. Agreements with three more companies with a total number of 2 200 employees have been agreed and await signing.

Rapid growth of partners and offers. During the month, 74 partners were added in 15 categories (sport, services, entertainment, etc.), who placed 89 perks (offers) on the platform.

First transactions and feedback. Employees of the connected companies have already taken advantage of the first perks: they bought a certificate for unlimited coffee and a gym membership; drove by car sharing; ordered food delivery to their homes.

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In corporate chats, HR managers receive the following messages:

  • “It is needed. It’s a very convenient thing, everything is in one app and it is always with you. Thank you “.

  • “I’ve never used the benefits like this, now I feel motivated. Thanks! “

  • “In my opinion, it’s a cool thing! Of course, continue developing! We need more bonuses! “

Our team is pleased to receive such positive information. We believe that using the PERK platform increases employee engagement and loyalty, saves money on business and reduces the burden on HR teams.

— Ruslan Voronetsky,
CEO and Founder of the PERK-CARD startup


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