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Generation Alpha: the future and trends

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Startup Jedi

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While everyone is talking about the Zoomers, we are already talking about Alpha in our videos. They are children born after 2010 and have a special intelligence that is very different from previous generations. Now it is quite difficult to predict what Alfas will grow up to be and what their values will be. However, we have tried to make some predictions and tried to imagine how the world will change with them.

The name Alpha, which appeared for a reason, underlines the fact — the old generational chronology has been reset, and humanity is starting a new alphabet, as well as a new attitude towards all the usual things. In this video, we share the main trends that represent the Alpha generation.

How will the need for certain products, goods and services change when members of Generation Alpha become solvent? In this video we tell what the Alpha generation consumers will be like: what they will buy, who influences them, what advertising they will pay attention to. A little spoiler: if you want to win over the Alpha consumer, be eco-friendly.

Alpha-children are not interested in traditional education only — they already perceive information differently, and standard education is just not interesting to them. This generation is growing up as the most self-educated and, of course, the topic of EduTech is very relevant to them. Where will they study, and how will they choose their profession? The answers are in the video.

If you think it is going to be a long wait before the Alphas start working, you are wrong. They will be your co-workers, employees and employers in just a couple of years. What will the new generation be like at work? What values will they have, and what challenges will they face? The answers are in this video.



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