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Business match with TON and bonuses for players in cryptocurrency — the new development stage for GamepadBot startup

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Recently, GamepadBot startup performed a pivot and changed its name (You can find more details in our release — Startup Jedi). In addition, the team raised $150 000 investments and concluded a partnership with Free TON this year. And now, with GamepadBot you can not only play for free without exiting Telegram but also make real money by inviting friends and setting new records in games. Pavel Kuznetsov, the CEO of the startup, has shared some insights and even more details.

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GamepadBot is a social gaming platform that provides users with instant access to gaming content via Telegram. The games, that are available on the platform, are displayed in Telegram through API. The GamepadBot team constantly contracts with game developers and buys/leases their products to maintain genre diversity on the platform.

Currently, the platform offers its users the following possibilities:

  • 80+ games, that don’t require installation;
  • instant access to the gaming content without leaving Telegram;
  • competing with users from all around the world;
  • gaming prizes paid with real money.

During the last year, the startup has raised $150 000 with a valuation of $3M. Besides, Free TON is a blockchain platform built on the TON-protocol, with which partnerships are being negotiated, is ready to provide $60 000 for integration and user acquisition.

We were introduced to the founders of the Free TON project by a venture fund that is also going to invest in our project, — says the CEO of the startup. — Why we are interested in this partnership: closed ecosystems, payments in cryptocurrency, integration system — we are developing our product in Telegram and Free TON was originally a project of Pavel Durov.

GamepadBot is interested in partnership with Free TON, as then they will receive the possibility to make payouts to users in cryptocurrency. This will help to avoid certain risks inherent in financial transfers inside the different countries. In addition, the partnership with a blockchain platform will simplify the entry to other markets for the startup.

Free TON has its own audience, we have ours, we will unite them and begin to form an integral community, — explains Pavel, speaking about the benefits for the blockchain platform from the cooperation with GamepadBot. — We will teach the near-cryptocurrency audience to use the appropriate tools, as well as knowledge about how the crypt works, where to earn it, how it can be used and what to spend it on.

GamepadBot promises to fill this gap with a series of additional educational content.


Now, we’re launching GamepadBot platform version 2.0 with new social mechanisms, design, solutions and payouts in cryptocurrency.

We are creating a competitive gaming platform with many innovative solutions up to the fact that our application can be downloaded to the phone via a browser, — announces the CEO of GamepadBot.

Before that, in December 2020, the team analysed the work of the project in order to understand: what works best, and where are problems. One of the tasks was to find other ways to monetize the startup and how to pay bonuses to players in the most simple for the platform ways. It was decided to monetize the startup through advertising integrations with large advertising networks — Google, Yandex, as well as with various local companies. And in terms of payments to players, after studying many options, the team came to the conclusion that the best way out is cryptocurrency. In this situation, cooperation with Free TON came in handy: both platforms reinforce each other. According to the team’s estimates, in the case of a partnership, the cost of GamepadBot will increase significantly.

Currently, an active user in the crypto-community costs $80 and if we can gather crypto-users, then we will become an expensive project, — explains Pavel. — This is one of our hypotheses, that people will want to make money in cryptocurrency. We will offer ordinary ways to receive rewards too — WebMoney, Qiwi are usually used by bloggers, but we will integrate the cryptocurrency for the majority of real players.

Players will receive cryptocurrency for performing actions that are important for GamepadBot. And having tokens in hand, the user himself decides what to do with them: sell and cash out, spend, leave on the account and save more — for this, by the way, the platform will pay interest like a bank.



The strongest side is that all users follow a well-organized referral system. We haven’t been buying ads for six months (since December 2020), and on average, we have about 100 000 new users per month without any support. Thus, the project works itself without an advertising budget — users invite each other and enjoy the games offered.

On the other hand, we’re having hard times regarding the time frame: we have a lot of tasks that need to be quickly solved/checked. Obtaining measurements takes time, we hope to test our new platform by at least 80% by September.

A strong and growing community. All games on the platform are hypercasual, and with this, our users “live” the whole 30 days, instead of the classic 7 days. Thanks to the innovation, we’ve managed to increase the average “living” time of the user by 4 times. We managed to increase it thanks to social mechanics, and to some of our decisions. For example, for a long time, we tracked the average time a user spent in a hypercasual game, which was 3 minutes. We developed a hypothesis: if the games change every 3 minutes, then people will not play for 3 minutes, but more. Thanks to this solution, the average game time increased to 17 minutes.

Half a year ago, we had an idea to simultaneously develop our platform in other messengers and social media. The hypothesis was not confirmed, since the implementation took a lot of time and human resources.

By December 2021, the number of unique users of the platform per month (MAU) should be 500 thousand players, and per day (DAU) — 50 thousand. The platform plans to add 10 new games every month.

By December 2024, we plan to turn the product into a multi-platform competitive platform for Discord, Telegram, Snapchat, TikTok, based on cloud mobile gaming technology, aimed at ensuring that every user can access the game content, regardless of the characteristics of the devices.


Click on the image to open GamepadBot's profile on the Rocket DAO 

We will track the GamepadBot development and, of course, we will play with them, so join up!



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