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Easy Bloggers and others: which projects became the most popular on Product Hunt in 2020

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

We've already talked about how useful it can be to use Product Hunt to advertise your product, right? Yes, there is even a complete guide in this article. So, quite recently, as part of the Product Hunt Daily mailing list, an email with Top 5 projects that received most upvotes in 2020 was sent out!

The Easy Bloggers project from our pipeline became the first  one (becoming the product of the week, and then the product of the month)! Who else made it to the top?

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Easy Bloggers

6245 upvotes, #3 Product of the Day, #1 Product of the Week, #1 Product of the Month (May)

Easy Bloggers is a full-cycle influencer marketing platform that automates the work with influencers. In one place, you can quickly and accurately find bloggers suitable for Instagram and Youtube advertising campaigns and get a ready-made media plan with a forecast of coverage and payback.

We have previously interviewed the team. To date, the total investment in the project is $140,000 at the Pre-Seed round.



5440 upvotes, #1 Product of the Day, #1 Product of the Week, #3 Product of the Month (May)

Moonshot is a sci-fi virtual team building game for remote teams for 10–100 people. It is an assistant bot, remote controlled props, a real human host connected by video conference, puzzles in both real and digital worlds.

In 2014, spouses Mike and Krima created the Mercedes Benz Arena virtual exhibition, and Reactor Escape — first escape room, was officially opened already in 2017. As you might have guessed, Moonshot appeared during the COVID-19 period, when the demand for remote team rallying grew. Moonshot costs $30 per player.



5354 upvotes, #3 Product of the Day, #2 Product of the Week, #1 Product of the Month (July)

Slazzer is an AI-powered program that uses computer vision algorithms to quickly remove the background from any image in just 5 seconds. Suitable for both personal needs and business, it saves a lot of time (for allocating pixels) and resources (for example, for chroma key). The service is free.



5309 upvotes, #1 Product of the Day, #1 Product of the Week, #1 Product of the Month (June)

HEY is an email service from Basecamp, a project management software company. HEY is fee paying, the subscription costs $99 per year.

Emails are divided into three categories: emails to be answered, which the user wants to read, and receipts. In HEY, the user can dislike the sender and unsubscribe from their mailings; filter letters that are worth answering later, to the bottom of the Important letters list; add urgent letters (like movie tickets) to the Set aside folder; highlight fragments of letters and save them in a separate collection of important moments.


Fluently Beta

5013 upvotes, #1 Product of the Day, #1 Product of the Week, #2 Product of the Month (June)

Fluently is an online text editor with built-in translator and dictionary. Fluently lets you create documents in a foreign language and write them in your native language.

A convenient editor, real-time translator in 55 languages, autosave formatting, the ability to edit the translation and write from right to left (if it is Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Urdu), available on many devices, a night mode — all of this are available on the Fluently.

A monthly subscription costs $16, an annual subscription is $96.



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