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Moscow Innovation Agency announces a new call for a free educational program for startups — StartHub.Moscow

Monday, June 28, 2021

Moscow Innovation Agency supported by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the City of Moscow announces the second call for a free educational program for startups StartHub.Moscow. The location is a multifunctional business space StartHub.

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We have studied the information about the program, contacted the director of the program Anna Keush to get more insights on how the project develops.


About StartHub

StartHub business-space was created by the Innovation Agency of Moscow city at the beginning of November 2020. It is located in the territory of the former “Red October” factory in the Moscow city downtown. In StartHub, there are many office spaces and halls, which are equipped for conducting business events of different scale — everyone can come and work in a networking area, visit a workshop, listen to an expert’s lecture, get into a business game or branch event. The aim of StartHub is to develop the culture of entrepreneurship in the capital.

Moscow was the place where we organised the launch of the first stream of the educational program for developing startups February 2021 — StartHub.Moscow.


About program aims and its possibilities for residents

The aim of our program is to help startups to understand what is interesting to them, provide all the possibilities and knowledge that are necessary to realise their projects and increase their investment attractiveness.

Currently, there are different business incubators and acceleration programs in Moscow as well as different contests for startup-projects contests but, from our point of view, the complete complex education for startup development without separating from business is the best represented in our program.

During five months, we organize workshops, webinars, pitch sessions, where participants can communicate with experts and learn something new in marketing, business analytics, investments, legal aspects and much more. We also help to track business processes in order to focus on the main aspects and become more effective, to fulfil the annual plans in six months. We provide startups with a free workplace in the coworking space, which allows like-minded people to exchange experience and find new partners for joint projects.

Moscow Innovation Agency announces a new call for a free educative program for startups —  StartHub.Moscow

Our program includes interactions with investors and corporations that are interested in searching for new technological solutions. At Demo Day, which is going to be held on June 30 at “StartHub” platform, for investors, there will be organised pitch sessions with the most promising startups.

All events, meetings and consultations are available for visiting both offline and online, which makes it possible to provide the safest and most comfortable conditions for the participants.

It is important to highlight that unlike common accelerators, StartHub.Moscow positions itself as a “constructing program”, a “subscription program” where participants decide themselves what they need at this stage of a startup’s development. They can specifically attend those events and meetings that are of most interest to them. Our format is business development without interrupting business. Perhaps, startups don’t need acceleration now, they would like to find several business customers, so they are looking for access to market expert tools for business development.

Moscow Innovation Agency announces a new call for a free educative program for startups —  StartHub.Moscow

1. The startup has to be an active legal entity or Individual Entrepreneur, which has to be registered in Moscow

We are a city structure and can use the budget only in the framework and needs of the city, thus we have such restrictions.

2. The stage of the startup’s product has to be MVP or higher

While selecting applications we use a point system divided into different criteria. We pay attention to how unique the solution of the potential problem is, what is the startup’s aim to participate in the program, we also study the data on income, evaluate competitive advantages and the level of the team’s competency. We are interested in whether the startup uses the Artificial Intelligence technology, which is actively developing now, whether the startup is supported by the government and whether they are presenting a part of the intrinsic future. Product readiness status is also very important — we declare that only startups with MVP can participate, but we are ready to consider those that can grow to such a stage within two to three months from the date of application.

3. Startup’s product has to be a project from the tech sphere

We would like to see startups that present technically complex products, so we don’t need a new tailor shop or an online store. For example, now, we have participants, who have created a service for analyzing the behaviour of the students and controlling the task completion. Also, there is a startup, which presents a program for conducting video meetings and interviews, and we even have a “hive” for building drones. For us, the team must consist of professionals, who will be able to create a product, which will possess technological uniqueness and a possibility to receive patents, as the existence of intellectual property is also an important driver for us.

4. Startup founders have to be ready to take part in the program events.

Both the startup founders and their employees can attend the events but we recommend founders in particular, as they are the people who make the key decisions on investments and business development, otherwise, the program may be ineffective. In our practice, there have been cases when, after attending our events, employees improved their skills and left the team.

5. Participation in the program is only possible for startups that weren’t residents of the previous call.

We are interested in getting support for as many startups as possible. The program lasts only five months, but since the participants of the first draft would like to keep in touch with the program in the future, we plan to additionally organize a supportive program so that they can attend group events after the end of the program as listeners.

Moscow Innovation Agency announces a new call for a free educative program for startups —  StartHub.Moscow

On June 30 at 15:00, anybody can join the final part of our StartHub.Moscow program online or offline:

At the Demo Day, the program participants will hold final pitch sessions with a presentation of their business ideas and talk about new joint projects. Also, residents and organizers of the program will be able to exchange views and experiences, answer questions that interest future participants. We invited investors, corporations, expert companies, representatives of urban infrastructure and the media to the event.

The speakers include Leta Capital, Almaz Capital Partners, United Investors, AltaIR Capital, iTech Capital, TMT Investments, British American Tobacco, Splat Global, Huawei and others.

It will be interesting!


Feedback from participants of the program

Pavel Shershnev, the founder of Tango Vision, a flexible interactive platform for creating digital copies of buildings.

Since the program brings together the founders of startups in one place, we get so many opportunities in the form of new acquaintances that we hardly manage to work through all the contacts. For instance, along with another resident of the program — BRUNO company (a cloud service for monitoring the work of technical services employees and building maintenance engineers) we have already worked out a complex solution for our client. Program events helped us to regulate business processes and increase the effectiveness — our team is already preparing for the new round of raising investments. We invite everyone to visit Demo Day on June 30, where program participants will tell about their results and joint collaborations, and I’m sure, there will be plenty of those.

Evgeniy Belavin, the founder of Toweco, a service for monitoring Internet reviews and collecting customer feedback at points of sale.

I liked that StartHub provides a free coworking space in the very heart of Moscow, which allows startups to constantly be at the centre of events. In addition to productive networking, which is easily created by an environment of ambitious like-minded people who are residents of the program, large companies like OZON and “SberZdorovye” also rented commercial venues here for their events, and, of course, I visited them. Thus, in order to meet potential customers, I just need to ask at the reception which companies have planned their events for the current day and, if it’s interesting for me, go up one floor. This is a great time saver! For example, I am already planning joint projects with some of the guys.

In general, I think that everybody will find something valuable in the program. I’ve been doing sales for more than ten years, and nonetheless, after two-three days of learning public speech from Dmitry Chumak, the trainer on oratory, I have been able to present my ideas using his practical recommendations. It was also useful for me to meet Alexey Kostrov, the director of the Moscow Seed Fund. He shared his experience and explained what actions to take and what to look for when raising investments in an IT startup.


Contacts and additional information about the program

The website of the program and a button to submit your application: 

For more information about the application selection process and the rules for participation in the program: 

Deadlines of the current draft for the program

  • Submit applications from May 24 to July 18, 2021.

  • Posting the list of participants — August 25, 2021.

  • Program start — September 15, 2021.

  • Demo Day — February 15, 2022.

If you have more questions about the program, feel free to contact us by this email:


28 Jun 2021


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