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Founders Club by Rocket DAO: we help startups raise investments

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Over the past year, the startup hub Rocket DAO has launched several successful products. The first one is our media Startup Jedi which is growing dynamically from month to month. The second is the international club of investors and early-stage venture funds which has already attracted more than 50 participants. All investors are carefully selected, this is so because we want startups from our pipeline to have access to the ”smartest money " in the world.

Startup Jedi

We talk to startups and investors, you get the value.

The founder is the key player on the venture market

For us, the founder was and remains the central character. We appreciate and admire how they change the world and drive progress. Startup founders are always at a great disadvantage: their actions are met with great resistance, and success is attributed to luck. They are always under stress, but this only makes them stronger and motivates them to work even more passionately and achieve their goals.

That is why we are launching Founders Club, a platform for developing startups and raising investments, which is designed to help founders from Eastern Europe rock and prosper. Startups are created by founders, and we will make every effort to ensure that they can get the maximum benefit for themselves and their projects in our Club.
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Founders Club’s tools will help founders give a new impetus to the development of their projects, find and implement new business ideas, get prepared for pitching to investors, and also receive comprehensive project evaluation from a venture fund analyst. The strongest and most ambitious startups will definitely raise investments from our investor pool!


Success cases

We are proud that four startups have raised the first investments for their projects with our help so far. In addition, our community members are supportive founders who are always ready to help colleagues. Successful startups are created by outstanding founders, and our mission is to help them in this difficult way of creating a big business and a bright history!


How to join the Club?

You can become a member of Founders Club and value the effectiveness of our approach to working with ambitious startup founders! Find detailed description and instructions on how to join the Club on our website Also, we will be very glad to get acquainted with you personally and answer any questions you might have — just email us at

2 Jun 2020


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