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Video is now available on Startup Jedi!

Friday, May 28, 2021

There is a new section on our website called ‘Videos’  and we have also launched our YouTube channel. What can you find there? We tell you!

Startup Jedi

We talk to startups and investors, you get the value.

Searching through social networks for videos is not always comfortable, so we have collected all our video content in one place on our website. You just need to go to the 'Videos' section, where you can find dozens of great topics. Invited experts and the editors of Startup Jedi discover all the ins and outs of the venture capital world.

Right now you can learn about:

New videos appear every week, which we collect by category. Funders, CEOs, lawyers, startup managers, product managers, marketing specialists, journalists, PR people and other experts talk about useful topics for startups, share their case stories and experiences.

And for those who prefer YouTube, we have great news too — we have launched our own channel. There you can also find all our videos and weekly updates. Sign up and click the bell, so you don’t miss new videos!

Grow, develop, create new projects and change the world! And Startup Jedi always helps you find answers to questions, inspire you and share innovations from the venture capital world :)


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