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Time to sum up. What was 2020 for the Rocket DAO ecosystem?

Thursday, December 31, 2020

It has been a challenging but very productive year for our Rocket DAO ecosystem! But first things first.

Startups are the only conductor of technology to our world! We believe in the power of small teams that can oppose large corporations and quickly change entire areas and industries. That’s why we are building our ecosystem: to support and develop them.

Startup Jedi

We talk to startups and investors, you get the value.

Achievements of the ecosystem elements

Let's have a look at the achievements of our elements!

Startup Jedi is our media about startups, investments, venture capital market and product creation. It started out as a small blog on Medium, albeit immediately with an international focus — in two languages. Soon we realized that the growth in the number of readers encourages us to move on. So that we launched our own website in April 2020!

What's happened this year:

  • We published articles written by more than 20 authors. Historically we work remotely: from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, and we are all very different: girls and boys from 20 to 50 years old;

  • There are more than 230 articles in 2 languages ​​on the website today;

  • We have 6 great content partners: Angel Talks video podcasts, Maslow-ish audio podcast, Digital Dolina entrepreneurship training course by Netology, SBH Law Offices, Node.PR communications agency, Round A — program for entrepreneurs;

  • In the fall, we started working on a new format — short video clips: today more than 80 videos have already been shot and their total duration is more than 4 hours;

  • 7 social networks are being actively developed! The total number of subscribers today is 10,000 users;

  • By the way, the growth of the active audience is over 40% monthly;

  • For 2020, 35 interviews with startups and 22 interviews with investors and accelerators, 31 articles with an overview of ecosystems and market trends, 36 training materials, 19 deal-reviews were published. is a private international club of investors: business angels and early stage venture capital funds. We announced its launch in April 2020. Since then, the club has gathered 121 members: 60 business angels, 63 venture funds, 5 accelerators and 8 representatives of various BANs from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, the Netherlands, China, Great Britain, Turkey, Kazakhstan, France. The goal of the club is to acquaint startup founders with the most professional players in the venture capital market, who can help not only financially, but also provide broad expertise in their field and even help with entering the foreign market.

Also this year, the club found its first international partner-representatives:

  • Oleg Reshetnikov (Cyprus);

  • Sergey Belyaev (Russia);

  • Evgeny Golban (Russia);

  • Alexander Ryabtsev (Ukraine);

  • Marat Tolibaev (Kazakhstan).

During the year we’ve worked on 8 deals and have led many of them.

Founders Club is a club of entrepreneurs, where we help teams understand and learn how to track their metrics, prepare traction reports and communicate with investors. The best tractions get into the telegram channel of The club was launched in June. And here are the results we managed to achieve in six months:

  • We launched a channel for founders where we share useful content. More than 600 people have already subscribed to our channels on Facebook and Telegram.

  • We launched InvestBot — a bot for communication between founders and investors. We wrote about its purpose in the article, More than 140 users got into our ecosystem with the help of the bot.

  • We held 2 online events and one offline networking pizza party, attended by more than 100 people in total. The first event was dedicated to the launch of Product Hunt, the invited speakers were Veronika Lindorenko and Evgeny Rozhko. The event insights can be found in our article. During the second event with the representative of Amazon Web Services Yegor Shadrin, we revealed the nuances of the platform. And again, all the most important things were gathered in the article.

  • More than 250 startups have registered on the website.

  • We managed to work with over 80 projects personally.

  • More than 50 startups created their first traction reports using our templates.

  • Finally, more than 15 startups made it to — with the best traction results.


Startups from our pipeline

And a few more words about the most iconic projects from our pipeline.

Easy Bloggers is a unique project in the world of influence marketing, it is a full-cycle platform that automates work with influencers.

The team is currently testing the incredible capabilities of a product that the guys will be launching with over 120 companies and agencies in February. The startup won product of the month at Product Hunt, becoming one of the highlights in the world this year. We wish Evgeny Rozhko and his team to take a large market share in this rapidly developing area in 2021.

GamePad is a Telegram gaming platform that allows you to play games without registering and installing them. At the very beginning of the journey, many were skeptical about the idea of ​​combining the bot in the messenger and HTML5, but this year a well-coordinated team tested dozens of hypotheses and came out to a positive unit economy. Tens of thousands of players are already playing GamePad games. We wish Pavel Kuznetsov and Anton Ibragimov to enter new markets in 2021 and get their millionth player next year.

EduDo is a mobile platform with short (up to 3 minutes long) interactive educational videos. The goal of the project is to integrate self-development in the lives of modern people. Six months ago the project didn't even exist, but by his example, Yury Shlaganov showed how quickly you can launch a project and gather a stellar team around you.

The startup has already released its application and is now available on AppStore. The team has more than 10 hours of video content in the app. The guys were able to raise $170,000 at the pitch deck level and became the product of the week on Product Hunt. We wish EduDo in 2021 to take its rightful place among EduTech projects and become synonymous with a place where you can develop and learn in an ultra-fashionable format, as the new generation is used to it.

Perkness (formerly known as Perk CARD) is a unique employee wellbeing development platform that allows you to create customized programs for each team member, wherever they are. Ruslan Voronetsky, the founder of the startup, together with his team, decided to occupy a niche that is responsible for the happiness of employees in the company — this topic is now more relevant than ever. Today the startup is fully focused on the US market. In 2021, we wish the project team bright “American” stories.

Party.Space is an interactive video chat for hosting events with customization options, micro-socialization mechanics, 2d and 3d painting. The product is designed for virtual events in a variety of areas: from meetings, virtual office to corporate parties, office happy hours, games and so on. Metrics already show the demand for the product. Boring calls to Zoom will be a thing of the past very soon, the future lies in allowing people to have more interesting and productive meetings. We wish Yury Filipchuk and his team new great pilots.


Onwards and upwards

We have ambitious plans for 2021: new initiatives within the ecosystem, new products for startups, new opportunities for investors, finally new categories and even more active media development.

We say thank you to all authors, partners, interviewees, founders and investors for their trust, for the experience they share, for the time they devote to us. Our joint efforts help thousands of future entrepreneurs understand what venture is and how it works, what market rules have become the standard ones, what trends can be traced in it.

Congratulations on the new 2021! Only the best is ahead, so we wish you more inspiration, willingness to take risks, initiative, good luck and reliable people nearby! Venture to all!

31 Dec 2020


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